May 16, 2008

Audacia on CNN (old clip from March)

I finally got my hands on the clip of me on CNN Prime News from March 13th. In case you don’t recall, I got a call to do a segment on CNN Prime News. This was the day after “Eliot Spitzer’s call girl” – quotes because, what, he owns her? – got outed. The interview is all about the harm that has befallen “Kristen” – and yeah, not the harm the media is doing to her, but being a prostitute, even one who has chosen that line of work.

They didn’t edit anything down, they just ran the full interview, which is awesome. I stammer a little bit here and there, but I think I did a good job of staying on message and not getting wrapped up in the leading questions I’m being asked. And also, I’m pretty proud of my serious face. Bring it!

And here is my favorite piece of writing I did during that week of Spitzer insanity: Why sex workers aren’t represented in the media. It’s important to note that I wrote that piece before I appeared on CNN, and the booker had read it before she called me. She prepped me with the same questions the interviewer asked on air – though the interviewer said the same words with a very different tone. Behold:

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Ms Naughty
2:22 am

Cool. You look so very academic and serious.

Audacia Ray
2:34 am

That’s because I’ve got my serious face on!

8:18 am

You look fantastic and I agree. You kept on track.
And the piece you wrote is great.

Lolita Wolf
9:08 am

You totally rocked that interview!

12:00 pm

You totally rocked out on that interview. And I’m glad I was able to track down the clip for you… I know it was maddening not having seen it yourself!


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12:06 am

A marvelous job.

Buck Angel
5:13 pm

You ROCKED it! I think you did all of us sex workers very proud.
You get a double woof!

Buck Angel

7:19 pm

i like that you were clear and articulate, yet the reporter seemed to stumble over her lines…

(you can really tell who was reading off a teleprompter, hehehe)

way to go girl, loved it!

Stacey Swimme
9:17 am

Well done Dacia!

1:55 am

ugh! cnn is /so/ awful. you did such an awesome job of answering those mostly ridiculous and loaded questions. you rock.

6:57 am

As you say you stayed on message. You came over as a voice of reason and sincerity. In terms of double lives the obvious unstated question was that of the males involved.

Dave Moves
9:09 am

I just watched this again, and the question that came into my mind was this one:

What 22-year-old DOESN’T end up regretting some of the choices they make at that age, to some extent or another?

I’m in my early thirties, and as I think back on my early twenties, I think that that’s when I stepped onto the road that led me to where I am now. That’s when I made many of the decisions that mattered. And I think it’s the same for lots of people. I’m happy, overall, with where I am now. I’m not blind to the idea that I can make other choices in the future. Still, I’m conscious, more than ever before, of the doors I opened in my early twenties, and also the doors I closed.

I would argue that this experience is nearly universal. It certainly isn’t unique to sex workers.

Dacia, I want to thank you for continuing to speak clearly about these issues, and for everything else that you do.

9:47 pm

I thought that was a very righteous and a very digestible take on the series of questions you were pitched. You were able to address and communicate many things with nuance as you consistently do with your blog and as magazine representative and editor despite the brevity of the interview, the fact that you didn’t build the platform that you were on, and you did it without forwarding all the viewers to your previous work or your own platforms! which I think makes people even more interested in reading up from you. I’m not great at speech and communication – understatement actually, I seize up easily, become defensive, and I have no volume control – even though I do take on political positions and like to debate and advocate, and so I am envious that you are able to speak clearly in a compassionate and smart manner. thanks so much for doing the interview and letting me see you take on mainstream media as an ethical and consistent sex worker rights advocate.

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