April 10, 2009

Naked City Nostalgia (My Fave Videos)

Last night when I dug up the Naked City TV episode about Sex 2.0 I sat and watched a bunch of episodes of the show, and it made me feel all nostalgic about making the show and writing the Naked City blog for the Village Voice. It was a year ago this week that Naked City launched (not linking now because the site has been pulled), so I decided to re-post my top five favorite episodes of Naked City – I made 19 of them all told. And by “made,” I mean that I shot and edited everything, in addition to doing the interviews, finding the subjects and all that. And you know what? That’s pretty bad ass. I learned a lot from making the show – and I literally learned as I made it.

Naked City TV interviews Heather Woodbury about her new one-woman show “The Last Days of Desmond Nani Reese: A Stripper’s History of the World,” which she performed for one night only at the Culture Project in SoHo. With clips of the performance.

Fetish photographer Eric Kroll is nothing short of a legend. His 1994 Taschen book “Fetish Girls” sold 200,000 copies and got a lot of people curious about the world of fetish erotica. But Eric isn’t just a photographer, he’s also a self-proclaimed obsessive collector. His collection of the erotic photography of Weegee and Elmer Batters is on display next to his own work at the Anna Kustera Gallery in Chelsea through July 3rd.

Naked City TV got a peek at the pieces on display in Chelsea, where Eric revealed what compels him to collect certain images. The photographer also spins a few tales about both his work and the stuff he collects, and talks about how he feels about explicit porn.

Last but not least: the lovely lady you see cavorting in the background is Molly D’Amour, a performer and model from Los Angeles.

Naked City TV pays a visit to Sullivan Walsh, a Williamsburg furniture designer who has created a steel bondage bed for his own use.

The Wet Spots, as you might have heard if you’ve been reading Naked City over the past two weeks, are a fabulous musical comedy duo from Canada. They had their first public show in New York City this past weekend, and I got a chance to get into their dressing room to interview them before the show.

In this episode of Naked City TV, learn about how Cass King and John Woods met, their inspiration for the Wet Spots, and how they brainstorm some of their songs. And hey, it wouldn’t be a video of the Wet Spots without some songs. Snippets of these songs are in the video:
Do You Take It? (from their debut album, “Ribbed for Pleasure”)
Sweaty and Stinky (from “Hello Kinky”)
The Masturbation Sing Along Song

On Saturday, June 21st academics, performers, and thinking perverts gathered in Amsterdam at Paradiso to discuss sexuality and porn, as well as to dance, mingle, and watch terrific performances at the culminating event in the Pinched festival.

Naked City TV got the inside scoop from Marije Janssen, the festival’s organizer. This episode also features a taste of what some of the more boobtastic performances were like, including Annie Sprinkle‘s famous Bosom Ballet and the messy antics of The Drag King Fem Show.

Aaaaannd, I can’t help myself, I need to add two more videos to this list as a bonus. The first is the fifteenth episode of the show, in which I appear on camera for the first time to do a clips show. I show some clips that didn’t make it into final edits, plus talk about the process of making the show and stupid stuff like the time I forgot to hit record for most of a Julie Atlas Muz performance.

And last but not least, a complete break from the regular format. When I was shooting stuff for the episode about Pinched in Amsterdam, I shot a really amazing gender fucking zombie burlesque performance (amazing right? how could that be more awesome?). I just had to edit it into something beyond the shorter episode about Pinched.

3 Comments on “Naked City Nostalgia (My Fave Videos)”

4:59 pm

Ahh, it’s great to see all the clips here but I have to say some of them are nostalgic to me as well! I didn’t forget about Pinched, but seeing those crazy French zombies again did stir up some good feelings…
Can I put these clips on personal site, or is there some kind of copyright?

Audacia Ray
5:21 pm

Marije, feel free to post the videos wherever you want! Seeing the hot French girls always makes my hate myself for sleeping through Wendy’s fisting session. I’m missing you and starting to think about my next trip to Berlin or Amsterdam…


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