April 29, 2009

I Am a Sex Worker: Video and Audio PSA

There were a lot of things I loved about doing the Speak Up! training, but I am really excited about this public service announcement. I had the idea for this video last year but hadn’t had the opportunity to see it through until the media training. It’s just a minute long – check it out, spread it around, and please do get in touch if you have ideas about distributing it. I would love to get it some play on public television stations and the like.

The PSA is also available as an audio file (with two additional “I am”s, click to download (and feel free to include in your podcast!): AUDIO: I Am a Sex Worker

**EDIT** Wow, the PSA has gotten quite a lot of attention. It’s being linked to like crazy on Twitter, and a bunch of people are posting it to their Facebook pages as well. Lux Alptraum wrote it up at Fleshbot and Gram Ponante blogged about the value of humor in activism on his site Porn Valley Observed.

Judy McGuire wrote a really great piece at Betty Confidential called Speaking Out for Julissa Brisman: Why sex workers are too often the victim, in which I’m quoted and the PSA is featured.

Also, I finally launched a website for Sex Work Awareness. I don’t have all the kinks ironed out yet because the WP theme I chose is giving me some grief, but here it is:


15 Comments on “I Am a Sex Worker: Video and Audio PSA”

1:15 pm

Awesome, love the video concept, I started a Meet-Up group for Female Sex Workers of South Florida last month and have had little interest in people getting involved, apart from a bunch of creepy guys, haha. I would love advice on how to network with other sex workers locally other than just walking into a strip club and escort agency and handing out brochures (though it may come down to that).

2:33 pm

I love the video but the last comment was really distasteful. It doesn’t dispel stereotypes. Talking about loving bacon will only gross out vegetarians, not make anyone think that sex workers are diverse. I wish you would remove that last one and ask her to think of something more positive to say about herself.


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4:46 pm

Yalith: I totally disagree, I think her comment was meant to be on the humorous side and level her with a general American audience. It does dispel stereotypes, it says she’s just like everyone else.

Furry Girl
9:46 pm

Yalith: are you a vegetarian, or are you just getting offended on their behalf?

Can’t we vegan sex workers just mentally insert “veggie bacon”? :)

5:49 pm

Hi :) In case you don’t recognise the name, it’s ‘amouthonwheels’ from Twitter :).

I loved this video, really clever.


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[…] love this PSA from Sex Worker Awareness. It’s a simple and very cute reminder that sex workers are people just like other people – they […]

Dale Innis
2:16 pm

mmmmm, bacon! :)

johnny kowalski
10:23 am

This clip makes it’s point wonderfully well, being powerful and yet understated at the same time.
Well done!

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