January 25, 2010

Speak Up Media Training Workshop: Now Accepting Applications!

I am very excited to officially roll out the applications for Speak Up! Media Training for the Empowered Sex Worker. For the second year Sex Work Awareness, the organization that I co-founded with a few ex-$preadsters, is hosting a media training workshop for current and former sex workers. Last year the training was one day – this year we’re expanding to a whole weekend. Speak Up is taught by me and Eliyanna Kaiser (aka the smartest person I know) – we met when we shared the title of executive editor at $pread. We are an awesome team (if I do say so myself) and we’re looking forward to more in depth, more workshop-style sessions. Our 2010 training will kick off with an evening seminar on Friday, April 9th and consist of two full days of workshop on April 10 & 11. We have the capacity to train ten people, which means… application time!

The training is funded by sponsorships and sales from the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar. In addition to the training and skills, workshop participants will get: a $50 stipend; dinner on April 9th, breakfast and lunch on April 10 & 11th; and the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant to continue their media advocacy work. Our current budget does not include funds for travel stipends and housing for those coming from out of town, however, we will do our best to accommodate the travel/housing needs of all successful applicants.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be actively creating space to share my brain and energies with sex workers. This, along with another (non-sex work, but sexuality) big project I’m heading up for IWHC that I’ll be going public with later this week, is a symbol of what my career is becoming. I’m all about training, capacity-building, and movement making. I’m really keen on transitioning into this new kind of leadership where I don’t need to be yakking away as the center of attention (though I’ll probably still do that more than I should), but instead giving other people a leg up into leadership and shaking things up. I know a lot of stuff – and I want other people to know a lot of stuff too. Even if that means I’ll be overshadowed, pushed aside, maybe even forgotten. Kill the ego, nourish the community… that’s where it’s at.

So, again, that link: full info and application to Speak Up.

We will be accepting applications until February 17, 2010. Accepted applicants will be informed no later than March 1.

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