October 21, 2010

Best of Shaming Me Into Blogging More

This week, The Village Voice published their “Best Of” listings for 2010 – and I was thrilled to have been listed not once, but twice!

I was selected as the Best Sex Blogger of 2010 for this here blog, which I’ve been writing since 2004. Says The Voice, “no New Yorker scribbles about sex better than Audacia Ray, the brains and beauty behind Waking Vixen.” They also say that my writing is “thoughtful and often lewd” – the latter is not so much true, and may cause me to get a solid number of emails from those who miss the good ole days of me blogging the minute details of my sex life. I don’t so much miss the play-by-play writing, but I do miss writing here regularly, and I’m hoping to finish some posts I’ve got percolating in my drafts folder soon soon. Over the last few years, I’ve grown from being huddled in my room writing about things to being out in the world trying to make and do things better. Which is more useful than navel-gazing, but I do miss the writing.

Oh, and my second Best Of mention! The Red Umbrella Diaries was noted as the Best Way to Meet Sex Workers (For Free). Creepy? Yeah. But a nice bit of recognition nonetheless. My favorite line of the write-up, as the writer tries to puzzle out what the hell this thing is exactly: “It’s not exactly a turn-on… but it’s certainly captivating.” It’s always amusing-slash-frustrating to me when the Red Umbrella Diaries gets described as an erotica event, but I also know that it’s hard for many people to grapple with the idea of sex and money, and especially sexual experiences that might not be all that sexy.

Thanks for the support and continued interest in my work over the years. It means a great deal to me to have a community of people rooting for me, challenging me, and giving me stuff to think about.

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10:23 am

So many congratulations to you!!!

6:35 am

You’re so busy, It’s hard to believe you have time for “… Blogging More.” Congrats ! YOU are the best. THNX for everything!

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