Naked City


I edit the Village Voice blog Naked City, which launched in early April 2008 and covers sexuality in New York and beyond (this is my “real” job). Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on Naked City:

On Mondays, I put up the week’s episode of Naked City TV, a video show that shines a spotlight on interesting people and events within the realm of sexuality. Mondays are also the days I post an installment of my monthly special series – in April, I’m writing a four-part series entitled Sexiness, Next to Godliness: Religion and the Sex Industry. In May, I’ll be featuring outtakes from interviews that Tristan Taormino did for her new book about open relationships, Open Up.

On Tuesdays, I run a column called Sex Worker Rant, written by stripper, porn performer and hell raising blogger Renegade Evolution.

Every Thursday, I post Porn At Large, which expands your pornographic worldview with tales from the far reaches of the earth. Four international pornographers share this space to tell all about the experiences of being porny and making porn outside of the United States.

Twice a week: highlights from the world of sexy fashion in Dressed for Sex, four question interviews with fascinating people in Four on the Floor, funny and/or educational top X lists.

Daily: posts about events, news, criticism of media produced about sexuality, and a little taste of sexy imagery.

If you’ve got a tip or an idea for something you’d like to see me cover, please drop me an email at Audacia.Ray[at]