Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads, and Cashing In on Internet Sexploration


Naked on the Internet is a serious look at how women are incorporating the internet into sex, and while the occasional wry comment and the deft use of individual stories leavens the academic tone, they don’t undermine the gravity of the work.” – Regina Lynn,

Naked on the Internet is a welcome antidote to the glut of media stories that paints the web as the exclusive province of sex predators and lonely, desperate men.” – Tammy Oler, Bitch

“Thick with interviews and pedagogic commentary, much of which is funny and deeply personal, Naked gives its readers the distinct impression that Ray’s been around the block — as an academic, as a sex-positive woman, as a consumer of porn, even as a [sex worker]. All the dough in the Dow couldn’t buy a better escort. And for keyboard-tappy feminists like me, it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come.” – Ashlea Halpern, Philadelphia City Paper

Naked on the Internet is filled with a mind-boggling and delightful array of topics, covering a great deal of ground while acknowledging that the Internet is such a vast, varied beast, it is impossible to cover it all.” – Gwen Masters, Clean Sheets