Sex Work 101

Sex Work 101 is a public education project from Sex Work Awareness, inspired by conversations that happened during the Women, Action and the Media 2008 conference held in Cambridge, MA from March 28-30, 2008.

Former $pread magazine editor and board member of Sex Work Awareness Audacia Ray gave a talk at WAM 2008 called Sex Workers and Media Representation (click link to see notes for the workshop), and questions during and after the talk made her realize that many people are curious about the sex industry and want to support sex workers in their struggle for rights, but they have no idea where to start. This site is an attempt to fill that gap in public education in an approachable, easy to understand, and engaging way.

Sex Work 101 is meant to add to public knowledge about sex work and to encourage discussion about the issues sex workers face.

Some questions we’ve answered so far include:
What is a sex worker?
How is pricing determined?
How can men be useful in the struggle for sex workers’ rights?

Do you have questions you’ve always wanted to ask about sex work? Have you always been curious about people who work in the sex industry? Are you a current or former or sex worker who is interested in sharing some experiences or answering questions about your work?

Drop us a line at ask[at]sexwork101[dot]com

Sex Work 101 is currently edited by Audacia Ray, with support and contributions by the board members of Sex Work Awareness and the sex worker rights community.