The Bi Apple

The Bi Apple is the tale of Simone Valentino, a young sex researcher who ventures to New York City to study a group of bisexuals who hang out in an apartment they call the fuckhouse. As she watches and takes notes, Simone realizes that as much as she enjoys her job, she’s more than a little turned on by watching – especially boy-on-boy action.

Starring Simone Valentino (2007 AVN Best Actress nominee for her performance in Aphrodite Superstar) and featuring Tasty Trixie and Tucker Lee, Mariah Ritani and Tyler Marciano, Antonio Rodickuez, ReVay, and Josh.

The Bi Apple features straight, strap-on, boy-boy, girl-girl, and boy-boy-girl sex scenes, and an all-natural bodied, racially diverse cast.

more GFH 060Within a month of its release, The Bi Apple became a best-seller for Adam and Eve, and on June 1, 2007 the film won “Hottest Bisexual Sex Scene” at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards sponsored by Good for Her in Toronto. The film was also nominated for a GayVN Award for “Best Bisexual Release” and was recognized on Eros Zine’s Best Porn of 2007 list. [At right, Simone Valentino accepts the award in Toronto]

Violet Blue recommended The Bi Apple in her Oprah Magazine piece on porn for women, “Eyes Wide Open,” which appeared in the July 2007 issue. This is what she had to say about the movie:

Outspoken sex blogger and activist Audacia Ray makes her directing debut with a film about one woman’s bisexual exploration. “What sets this film apart is that it’s got an African-American lead, which you almost never see in porn.”

In addition to many (ahem) private screenings, The Bi Apple has been screened publicly at festivals in three countries. The Bi Apple was shown as part of the C*lick Me Netporn Festival at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on June 2, 2007; in the New Filmmakers Series at the Anthology Film Archives in New York on July 24, 2007; as part of the Berlin Porn Film Festival which ran from October 24-28, 2007 in Berlin, Germany; and in the “New York Stories” program at CineKink in New York on February 27, 2008.

Praise for The Bi Apple
“Directress Audacia Ray’s bisexual odyssey is in many ways an attempt to cast a commercial porn genre in light that reflects the community it actually represents—and as such it’s largely successful, though the political pedagogy of the bisexual movie in Porn Valley remains as unshaken as ever. Doubtless men who like bisexual porn will continued to be defined by Adam & Eve, as with every other studio, as part of the “gay” segment, and women who like bisexual porn will be dismissively said not to exist, but at least The Bi Apple is around to prove both those cherished marketing beliefs wrong, wrong, wrong!”
-Eros Zine’s Best Porn of 2007

“What happens when innocent college student, Simone Valentino, is sent to do a research study about the sexual behavior of queer NYC couples? Well, apparently one of the best bisexual movies to come out in years. This flick has it all: straight sex, pegging, boy-on-boy, girl-on-girl and other equally enticing combinations of the above. …Well shot with an attractive, relaxed and culturally diverse cast The Bi Apple has a little something to make everyone smile – and then some!”
Good for Her, Toronto


“The Bi Apple is a new brand of adult movie, one that aims to be “pansexual”; that is, it wants to cater to a sexually broad audience, one not bound by traditional “niches” or kinks. It aims to appeal to women as well as men, to gay and bi viewers as well as hetero ones. This film situates itself somewhere along Kinsey’s fluid scale of sexuality which makes for a nice change.”

“Nerdy, sexy and straight-up fuckable folks combine in delicious combinations that will give you a whole new reason to LOVE New York!”
The Smitten Kitten, Minneapolis

“[The Bi Apple is] a groovy pervy celebration of polymporphous pansexuality, with the beautiful Simone Valentino playing a sex researcher come to explore the wonders of The Fuck House, a New York hangout for oddball folks with fluid sexual preferences. …a quirky film that’s all about having fun with whoever’s handy, regardless of their gender or sex.”
Blowfish, San Francisco

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